“We are very happy with the van and conversion. It has made our lives a lot easier!”

“This was our first experience with a handicap van. I have never experienced such great service from the beginning to the end when the van was delivered.”

“I am independent, I am successful, I have my very own beautiful red van and I love it!”

“At a time when I needed help the Agor's were there for me.”

“I know these things seem simple, and really they are, but I have to tell you, buying this new van has changed my son's quality of life and ours.”

“Within the first five minutes of driving the new Entervan, I noticed my son was a lot more talkative than normal. It was like he was seeing the world for the first time.”

“The Entervan was much more convenient for our situation especially considering our rough winters.”

“I’m on cloud nine right now. I've run my errands and it felt great! It is WONDERFUL to be able to drive and be independent once again.”

“It's a package deal accessibility, dependability, independence and to top it all off, it just looks COOL!”

“Who would have thought that at age 48 I would feel like a 16-year-old with her new driver's license? Well, that's me with my new Entervan!”

“We’ve had no problems with our vans, and they've certainly been very reliable and improved my independence. THANK YOU for the service you provide!”

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